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By Saber Interactive, a division of Stardock Corporation Sins of a Solar Empire (by Stardock) is a game about conquering your foes and bringing peace to the galaxy. Your character controls an empire, and has a wide variety of skills and abilities to acquire and equip. Build up your empire and crush your enemies. Join a faction to give the Empire an edge over rival factions. The Sins of a Solar Empire game takes place in a world dominated by the Shapers, an ancient civilization that brought peace to the galaxy through the use of genetic engineering and technology. During the subsequent millennia, the Shaper race has continued its work, while other groups of galactic civilizations have thrived as well. The Shaper race has made its home on the planet of Icius, a world secluded from the rest of the galaxy and home to several sentient species. Under the direction of the Shapers, a number of habitable planets have been terraformed and colonized. The player's empire must hold onto this growing empire and defend against the attacks of other factions. The game is set in the fictional universe of Sins of a Solar Empire, and features many of the same races and factions as the other games in the series. Basic Commands: Select: Allow you to choose between "Quit" and "Load" from the console's menu, as well as to either start or quit the game. Keyboard Commands: Xbox 360: Control + A (Jump to map control) Xbox 360 controller: Right analog stick - View Settings/Load/Save Xbox controller: L2 - View Settings/Load/Save Xbox controller: L2 + Right trigger - View Unit Screen/Gameplay Screen Xbox controller: L2 + Left trigger - View/Change/Modify a unit Xbox controller: L2 + Right trigger + Left trigger - Change/Modify a unit's unit type Xbox controller: L2 + Right trigger + Right stick - Send a unit Xbox controller: A - Load/Play/Stop the game Windows - Control panel - Games - You're almost there... Windows - Control panel - Entertainment - Game DVR Windows: F1 - Help Xbox: Control + X - Exit Xbox: Options -




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FSX - Aerosoft AES V2.04(cracked) 15l jaqcom

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